Beef Teriyaki   

Chicken Lemon and Mango   

Chicken Oriental   

Fajitas (Beef or Chicken)    

Mafia Meatballs with pomodoro sauce   

Spicy Tuna with honey sauce   


Try our famous all-time favorite rice meals served with a wrap on top and egg.

Beef Teriyaki  

Belly Bangus  
Deep fried milk-fish’ belly.
*Add 5.00 to top it off with tomato vinegar sauce.

Fajitas (Beef or Chicken)  

Lechon Kawali  
Crispy deep-fried parboiled pork belly served with Mang Tomas sauce.

Pork Sisig  
Crisp diced marinated pork served with plain rice and topped with egg.
*Add 5.00 to whip it with sour cream.

Salisbury Steak    


Sizzling Bangus Teriyaki
Milk-fish' belly served on the sizzling plate topped with teriyaki sauce.

Sizzling Hawaiian Pork
Sweet pork sizzled with our chef special Hawaiian sauce.

Sizzling Pork Sisig
Crisp diced marinated pork served hot on the sizzling plate.


Coke in cans   

Coke Sakto   

Four-Seasons Juice   

Hot Tea   

Ice Tea   

Mango Juice   




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